Three important songs…

Today’s Writing 101 task asks us to free write about three songs which are important to us.  My first thoughts were that I couldn’t think of three songs off the top of my head and nothing was coming straight to mind.

During my childhood my parents were mainly into folk and country music and for some reason my parents only ever used to listen to music on Sundays.  So our house was often filled with the sounds of Jim Reeves, Dolly Parton and Nancy Griffiths.  Other big names in our house were The Carpenters, Elaine Page and my Mum also had a very unhealthy obsession with Cliff Richard!  Although I do still listen to The Carpenters, there really Isn’t one particular song that sticks out.  The first albums I got given were Paul Young (who had ‘dreamy’ eyes) and Shakin’ Stevens (more about him later).  My parents did kind of influence my music tastes as I still like the story telling aspect of country music and I went through a ‘folky’ stage involving Dar Williams later on – when I was trying to be different and ‘cool’! (Gosh, I really hate that we can’t get CMTV in the UK anymore – at least not on any free channels).

th-25So  , we now head on to my angsty teenage years.  The name of the day was Alanis Morrissette.  The first CD I ever bought was Jagged Little Pill.  I loved it and listened to it every minute of the day.  I actually taught myself to sing well using it. much to the annoyance of my parents who had to listen to me wailing in my bedroom until I perfected it.  I still have a slight Canadian twang when I sing now.  I am famous where I live for my insistence on singing Alanis at karaoke nights for many years.  It’s still what people remember me for now.  Who am I kidding?  I am still a huge fan – I grew up with her and related to her all the way from angsty teenager to ‘attachment theory’ super mum (in my opinion).  So to pick one single song is very difficult, I love them all.  I will choose one as it is what the assignment requires – but I am not happy about it!  I could use all my three on her – but there are other songs I need to include.  So here it is – ‘Mary Jane’ from ‘Jagged Little Pill’.  Before I realised it was about smoking marijuana, which I’m glad I didn’t realise till much later (a couple of years ago actually – such an innocent!) This song was all about life’s struggles and ups and downs which I completely resonated with at the time.  It really helped me deal with my mum’s Bi Polar and my Dad’s depression and pretty much everything else that goes on when you are a teenager.

Anyway, back to Shakin’ Stevens.  In my current job I support a man with PMLD.  He has Fragile X Syndrome and severe scoliosis.  He also suffers from depression.  The one thing that can make him smile is ‘This Ole House’ by Shakin’ Stevens and my gosh it is the best smile ever!  It lights up the whole room!  I cannot tell you how many times I have to listen to this album on a daily basis.  He listens to it all day every day!  Some of my colleagues are sick to death of it but I just love it – and the fact that one single song can bring such happiness to an individual with many difficulties.

My last song would have to be ‘Make me feel your love’ by Adele – this song pure and simply reminds me of having my children.  I used to sing it to them when they were babies.