What’s in a Name?


“Something made up of an incongruous variety of pieces or parts; hodgepodge”

I like to think that life is made up in this way.  People, places, thoughts, feelings, choices, just some of the pieces of the blanket of life. They don’t always fit together perfectly but when we find a way to live in harmony with ourselves, others and find our place in the world the result is beautiful.  Our wisdom can be passed on and passed down through generations, much like an heirloom.

I also love handmade crafts. I crochet at the moment. I love to create beautiful things which reflect the people that they’re made for. My influences also include nature, particularly the changing seasons which tell a story all on their own.  I hope to share these with you.

Patchwork can also be “something, such as a theory, made up of various parts.”  I love all the Stephen Covey books, 7 habits being a favourite of mine.  I struggle daily with living the habits and hope to blog about this.  I also find myself becoming more interested in mindfulness and conscious parenting and reading a lot more about spirituality.  I want to try all these theories and see where they lead.


Rainbow reflects two aspects of myself, my love of nature and my love of colour.

Rainbow can also reflect “a wide variety of range”, “a visionary goal” and “an illusory hope”.  I think we all have hopes and goals for the future.  I hope to blog on a wide variety of subjects and test out a theory or two!

All definitions are taken from http://dictionary.reference.com/